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General Roofing & Roof Repairs

With expertise in Cotswold stone roof tiling Berry's Roofing are a professional local roofing company based near Swindon, Wiltshire, together with Cotswold stone roofing we also carry out a full range of slate tiling work, concrete tiling and natural stone roof tiling.

We undertake both large or small domestic and listed building roof work throughout both Wiltshire and Gloucestershire, from fixing leaking roofs and installing Velux® sun tunnels and Velux® windows to re-roofing or patching residential and listed buildings, churches, roofing new builds, roof tile maintenance and general roof repairs.

  • Roof tiling and re-roofing
  • Complete roof replacements
  • Roof repairs and roof maintenance
  • Emergency and temporary roof repairs
  • Storm damage roof repairs and roof leaks
  • Insurance work undertaken
  • Velux® windows and Velux® sun tunnels
  • Lead work, flashings, guttering and valleys
  • Chimney stack repairs, repointing, maintenance and renovation
  • Flat roof porch conversions
  • New tiled roofs, new build roofing
  • General roofing
  • Conservation roofing work
  • Church roof repairs and maintenance
  • Church porch re-roofing
  • Listed building roofers, roof maintenance and repairs
  • English Heritage and National Trust roofing
  • Cast iron conservation roof lights fitted
  • Replacing thatched roofs with natural stone, slate or concrete tiles

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Re-roofing using Marshfield tiles and natural slate tiles

Originally thatched, this roof in Cirencester was replaced using Marshfield tiles and Natural slate tiles.

Replacement thatched roof in Cirencester Glos
New Marshfield tiled roof Cirencester

Replacing a thatch roof with a new concrete tiled roof

Church roof repairs Wiltshire and Gloucestershire

The existing old thatched roof.

Specialists in re-roofing churches, church porch roof stripped back to the old lath plaster

We removed all of the thatch.

Church porch repairs

We then added new wooden battens and concrete tiles.

Church roofing

The completed replacement tiled roof.


Clay tile roof replacement

Church roof repairs Wiltshire and Gloucestershire

We removed the original roof.

Specialists in re-roofing churches, church porch roof stripped back to the old lath plaster

We added a new oak purlin and rafters.

Church porch repairs

We installed new insulation.

Church roofing

The completed roof with clay tiles and roof light.


Oak framed garage with new concrete tiled roof

Oak framed garage roof with concrete tiles

A brand new oak framed garage.

Concrete tiles on a new oak framed garage roof

The finished garage with a concrete tiled roof.


Installation of Velux® roof windows into an existing concrete tiled roof

Velux roof lights installed into an old Cotswold stone tiled roof

Two new Velux® roof lights were installed into an existing old concrete tiled roof.

Velux windows added to roof with old stone tiles

The finished installation, Velux® windows flush with the existing concrete tiles.


Patch repair to Church roof

Patch repair to church roof Gloucestershire and Wiltshire areas

This church roof needed a patch repair and replacement tiles.

Re-roofing churches and patching church roofs

The finished patch repair to the church roof.


New Church porch roof

Church roof repairs Wiltshire and Gloucestershire

Entrance to Leigh Church - the old porch roof.

Specialists in re-roofing churches, church porch roof stripped back to the old lath plaster

The church porch roof stripped back to the old lath plaster.

Church porch repairs

New wooden battens with a cost effective Roofsheild, breathable, water resistant membrane.

Church roofing

The finished tiled Cotswold stone porch roof at Leigh Church in Wiltshire.


Natural slate tile roofing

Natural slate tiles, slate roofing Swindon, slate roof repairs Swindon Wilts

This side of the roof was leaking because the wooden battens supporting the natural slate tiles were rotten, the tiles were damaged and needed to be replaced.

Slate tiled roofers Swindon company, slate tile roofers near Cirencester Glos

This part of the roof was stripped, a new, breathable membrane fitted with new, treated wooden battens, the roof was then re tiled using new natural slate tiles.


Leaking Cotswold stone tile roof repaired

Roofing contractors working throughout Cirencester and surrounding villages
Roof timberwork repairs, roof leak repairs, oak roof pegs replaced
Leaking roof repairs, roof batten replacements


This Cotswold stone tiled roof leaked and some of the timber work was rotten and needed replacing.

The main roof timbers, however, were still in good condition although the oak pegs and oak laths which hold the tiles to the battens, were also rotten and so were replaced.

We arranged the scaffolding for this roofing job through S.A.S Scaffolding Ltd who are based in Swindon.


Flat roof porch conversions

Flat roof porch conversions Swindon, porch tiling repairs Swindon roofing company
Pitch roof porches, porch tiling
Replacement pitch porch roofs Cirencester, sloped tiled porches Marlborough


Flat roofs often leak and rather than try to fix leaks to these types of roofs it's a good investment for your property and often more cost effective in the longer term, to replace a flat porch roof with a new, pitched tiled roof.

The houses in the photographs, both above and to the left, previously had porches with flat roofs.

We completely removed the old flat roofs and replaced them with new tiled sloping roofs to match the existing tiles on the roof of each house. We fitted insulation, breathable waterproof membranes, treated wooden battens, tiles, fascia boards and new guttering.


Barn roof repairs and renovations

Repairs to barn roofs, roofing company near Cirencester

This barn roof needed a complete renovation and all timber work was replaced.

Barn roof repairs Cirencester

We installed new insulation and used reclaimed stone tiles to re roof this barn.


Concrete roof tiling

Concrete roof tiles, concrete tiling, concrete roofing company Swindon

Concrete roof tiles are a versatile tile, extremely durable and are an economical alternative to traditional stone tiles.

Roofers in Cricklade Swindon, imitations stone tile roofing, Marlborough roofing company

Available in many different colours, styles and finishes, concrete tiles can visually blend in with surrounding properties.

Concrete roof tiles, roofing company near Stroud, concrete tiles roffing company Swindon

With different tile finishes available, concrete tiled roofs can look like stone and often give the much sought after appearance of a natural stone tiled roof.

Natural stone tile appearance, concrete tile roofers Swindon

Choosing the correct colour of concrete tile, based on the tiles used on roofs of neighbouring buildings, concrete roofs can successfully fit into an area with other traditional types of roofs.


Cotswold stone tile roof repairs

Roof repairs Berrys Roofing, Cirencester
Roofing repairs company, roofing contractors Ampney Crucis near Cirencester
Cotswold stone roof repairs contractors Cricklade Wilts


A section of the Cotswold stone tile roof on the barn conversion was repaired using matching reclaimed Cotswold stone tiles.

We also make stone tiles ourselves so always have our own stock, both new and old, which enables us to immediately source the tiles we need for each roofing job if required.

The timber work on this roof was rotten and needed to be replaced with new, treated wooden battens, a breathable membrane and we also installed new roof insulation.



Winchcombe roof tiles

Winchcombe roof tiles, stone manor house oak framed extension

We used Winchcombe roof tiles on this new oak framed extension to a stone manor house near Cirencester.

A new roof using Winchcombe roof tiles

We also fitted new lead flashing and conservation windows in keeping with the style of the old manor house.